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One very successful venture that the Dorset Beekeepers have done is the publication of the Honeycraft magazine. Until recently this was done as a printed copy but the decision was made to go over to a soft copy which was emailed out to members.

It has now been decided that will go a stage further and place it on the web site - so here are the copies for which we have a p.d.f. version.  Each issue opens in a new tab,

June 2018

September 2018

which contains:

Bee Inspector's report Dorset Convention report
South West Beekeepers' Forum Show Reports
Shook Swarm ? Winter and Spring Courses

January 2019

which contains:

Dorset BKA Council Report South West Beekeepers Forum
Pheromone Communication Building a Bee Library
Dorset Convention report National Honey Show
Apimondia Chris Slade Blog

April 2019

which contains:

Inspector's report 2019 AGM report
A Journey Into The Healing Hive Building a Bee Library
Sustainability Bees & Queens for all Sarah Moore's Thoughts
A Traveller's Tales Asian Hornet