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Dorset Beekeepers

Welcome to Dorset Beekeepers.

It's a new look for the website for the new beekeeping year - a year in which we hope to see a bumper crop of honey, a year when we hope we do not see the Asian Hornet and a year when we may see the end of the Brexit mess.

But for now I am busy putting together the new web site. On here will be links to useful information for Dorset Beekeepers as well as those further afield.

On the side bar there are the links to people responsible for the Dorset Beekeepers Association feel free to contact any of them with concerns about local beekeeping. But do bear in mind the old adage that ask ten beekeepers how to solve a problem and you will get at least twelve different answers.

This is a dynamic page - not in the sense of WOW! but more in the sense of in a state of change. Over the next few days I will be making a lot of changes and adding more material so - watch this space!

Have fun!