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Dorset Beekeepers

Welcome to Dorset Beekeepers.

One of the aims of Dorset Beekeepers is to encourage the growth of healthy beekeeping. I hardly need to mention here the importance of bees to our environment - you probably know that which is why you are here.

To help beekeepers in Dorset and beyond to be as informed as possible we have decided to place the Dorset Beekeepers magazine "Honeycraft" on the web site from where you can download it. The page is now on the top menu or can be reached from here.

On the side bar there are the links to people responsible for the Dorset Beekeepers Association. Feel free to contact any of them with concerns about local beekeeping. But do bear in mind the old adage that ask ten beekeepers how to solve a problem and you will get at least twelve different answers.

Have fun!