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New BeeInfo pages

BeeInfo - information about honey bees and beekeeping.

Many a time I have been determined to learn more about beekeeping over the winter period. Each year something gets in the way. Usual pressures - paint this room, get that shopping, prepare for Xmas, clear up after Xmas and so on.

This year I am making a more determined effort than usual. One route I am taking is to create a set of pages of notes . These will help me in preparation for taking the new BBKA modules. More importantly  I am hoping those same pages will make me a better beekeeper. Probably my bees are equally optimistic!

The pages are all to be found at Simple as that. I have used a similar layout to that on the main page but missed some of  the links on the right hand side.  At present there are not a huge number of pages on there but as I write more content then I can add more pages and I am optimistic that this will grow to be a useful resource for all.


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