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Have you got a swarm?

With the temperatures comfortable and plenty of flowers in bloom this is the time for swarms.

Have you got a swarm?

A swarm

This is what swarm looks like. There are probably lots of bees flying round as well. Do not worry – they are not likely to sting you. They are just protecting their queen and looking for a new home.

A honey bee.

Does it look like this? This is a honey bee. If they look like this then we are able to deal with them – in fact we would love to. If you are not certain then have a look at the BBKA bee identification page.

So what do you do now?

  • Estimate how big it is – golf ball, cricket ball, football, bigger? (That way we know what we need.)
  • Do you know the approximate postcode of the swarm location. (It just helps you find the nearest swarm collector.)
  • Look on the BBKA website at the swarm map and find the nearest collector.
  • Ring them and let them know what you have and where.
  • Swarms do not hang around so the sooner we know the better we are able to help the bees.
  • If you do not get an answer then try another collector.

So what do I do if I am called?

  • First I will check that they are honey bees. We cannot help with wasps or bumble bees.
  • I will ask you you how big the swarm is.
  • I will ask you where it is. If you have “what3words” on your phone then that is best.
    • What3words is available as an app we should all have on our phone – identifies anywhere within 3 metres.
  • I will put the things I need in the car and drive to the location.
  • Once there I will assess the situation and if it is safe to do so I will collect the swarm.

So why bother to call me?

  • I will remove the bees with a minimum of disruption.
  • I will rehouse them with a beekeeper.
  • You know they won’t set up home in your chimney, under the eaves or in a tree near you.
  • You may even get a jar of honey later as sign of the bees and our appreciation.

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