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December marches on!

As I write this there is just a week to go before Christmas will all be over!

This is an update on what is going on around here. We have a Dorset Beekeepers Committee meeting at the start of January. This is when we discuss what we are going to do in the coming few months and this time we are also going to be organising the AGM to be held in the Spring.

So why am I telling you this? Well if you are a member of any of the Dorset Beekeepers Branches then you are a member of Dorset Beekeepers and beyond that you are also a member of the BBKA. It is your organisation and we are here to consider your wishes.

If you have anything that you wish us to discuss at the next meeting in January then do let me know by email.

One of the important considerations is finding a new editor for our magazine Honeycraft. Tim has done a sterling job as editor but feels it is now time for a new editor. If there is anyone out there who would like the role then do let me know. Tim assures me it is not arduous - in fact it is fun! If you are interested then let me know by email.

I have also added a new page on the BeeInfo area of the site. Many beginners have problems finding a suitable apiary site and may be considering using their allotment. This page shows the pitfalls and benefits of using your allotment.

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