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Covid 19

Update 4th January 2021
Who would have thought we would still be in this mess in January 2021 - almost a year since we first heard of this virus. Over the past year much has changed and we have got used to meetings by Zoom and no apiary safari. On this page I will try to keep you up to date with the latest information from a variety of sources.

BBKA advice is to be found here.

In summary the advice is to follow the guidelines we have all got used to including social distancing and hand washing.

NBU advice is to be found here.

We are expecting that in the next few days there will be further announcements on the lockdown so I suggest coming back to this page to see whether there have been any changes.
I anticipate that there will be tighter restrictions on what we can do. However the ruling that we are allowed to check livestock - and this includes the apiary - is expected to remain.