Dorset Beekeepers Association

BBKA Module 2 Honey Bee Products and Forage
The exam covers the following subject areas:
  • Other apiary products:
    • Beeswax, pollen, Royal Jelly, venom and propolis
      • The main constituents of wax
      • Range of uses and preparation
      • What are the judges looking for at the show bench?
  • Ten major pollen or nectar producing plants in the UK
    • Their location.
    • Their flowering period
  • Knowledge of pollination:
    • Structure of the flower.
    • Process of pollination and fertilisation
    • Importance of nectar guides
    • How bees know not to revisit a fertilised flower.
    • Importance of cross pollination
    • Extra-floral nectaries
    • Identifying pollen
    • Composition of nectar and its constituents
    • Factors affecting nectar secretion
  • .